David, Fall, Auburndale     Tea Party, Auburndale     Claire and David, (glowing eyes)     True Stories in the Backyard, Nantucket     Claire at the Downeyflake, Nantucket     Triceratops     In the sprinkler, Auburndale, MA     Three in the Trees, Auburndale     Tree Boots, Auburndale, MA     After a storm, Auburndale     Home from School, Auburndale     Claire and the giant bubble, Auburndale     Swingset Acrobats     On the porch, Nantucket     Claire, Jetties Beach, Nantucket, MA     David, Batman (on the porch, Nantucket)     Claire on the porch, Nantucket     Dodgeball, Nantucket     Leaf Fountain, Fall in Auburndale     Spring Chores, Auburndale, MA     Backyard Boogie     Snowball Fight on Melrose Street     Gath Pool Carnival     Canoe Symmetry, Charles River     Ohanepekosh Campground, Mt. Rainier Natioanl Park     Claire and David, Cape Breton Island     Camano Island Bonfire, 4th of July     Ring of Fire, Evergreen State Fair, WA  
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